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Hongda Lin

All About Me

  • 赫爾辛基大學教育科學院博士候巽人。他的學位工作聚焦於政策介入與制度學習。因為對於政策工具與社會實驗的興趣,他也觀察記錄教育與社會政策。在臺灣他曾參與學校專業成長的學習工作坊;在芬蘭他則參與組織形成式介入的訓練。他期望對學習與教育設計的反省與發展有所貢獻。目前參與芬蘭的學校與教育組織交流,和臺灣的深度學習網絡。

  • Hongda Lin is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of University of Helsinki. His works focus on policy intervention and institutional learning. As a student of policy instruments and social experiment, he is documenting educational and social policies. He participated in the works developing professional learning workshop for teachers and schools in Taiwan; and he is trained in Finland to conduct formative intervention for organization. In addition, he is collaborating with schools and educational organizations in exchange and reflection. From 2020, he also joins the advisory team of New Pedagogy of Deep Learning in Taiwan.




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