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洪詠善 教授

•Dr. Yungshan Hung

All About Me

  • 國家教育研究院課程及教學研究中心副研究員

  • 國立臺北教育大學課程與教學研究所博士

  • 高中優質化輔助方案計畫諮詢委員

  • Email:

  • 自2020年起參與台灣NPDL跨校聯盟和顧問小組,提供學校規劃與執行之建議,也協助教師專業增能和課程諮詢。

  • Associate Research Fellow of research Center of Curriculum and instruction, National academy for Educational Research.

  • PhD., Curriculum and instruction, National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan.

  • Advisory committee member, Project of School Actualization Program, MOE

  • Email:

  • Participate in Advisory Group for Taiwan NPDL project. Coordinating the League of TW-NPDL School Clusters.




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